Why Buy An Electric Forklift Truck For Your Business?

Posted on March 24, 2017

When it comes to choosing your businesses new forklift truck, there are many reasons why you should go electric. Increasingly becoming more popular, especially as battery technology comes on, driven by companies like Tesla, electric vehicles are becoming more and more feasible in almost any scenario.

With plenty of non-commercial electric vehicles already on the road, it’s time to take a look at getting an electric forklift for your business. Whether you’re a self-storage facility, timber yard or warehouse, a forklift is an essential piece of kit, allowing one person to efficiently, safely and quickly shift heavy stock around.

Once you introduce the notion of an electric forklift, you’ve got a myriad of other benefits to tack onto the usual boost of using a forklift. Benefits like cheaper running costs, greater reliability, quieter operation and the ability to work in colder temperatures. While they might be slightly slower and less powerful than their petrol or diesel equivalents, electric forklifts are far more versatile and make for great value as a tool in your workplace.

As a business, the key thing you’re going to be thinking about is cost. Electric forklifts are generally cheaper to run in the long term. As you no longer need petrol, diesel or much oiling or maintenance, an electric forklift will save you a bundle of cash on the regular, quickly paying for itself.  Almost as an extension of running cost, the inherent reliability of electric forklifts makes them also very appealing. For any kind of business, time wasted waiting for essential machinery to be fixed is costly, and it can be a real inconvenience. Knowing that your essential machinery is reliable and can be counted on is hugely reassuring, letting you get on with managing the rest of your business.

One of the great aspects of electric vehicles is that they can run much better in colder temperatures. Throughout the frosty winter months when diesel or petrol engines might find themselves struggling, electric forklifts aren’t prone to any changes in performance, which can make them absolutely ideal for working in colder climates. The overall design of an electric engine is much less mechanically intensive, which makes for far better longevity than diesel and petrol engines, as such, once you’ve got your electric forklift, you’re not going to be needing another for a long time.

This might seem something of an afterthought, but one of the best aspects of electric forklifts, and electrical vehicles in general is their lack of emissions, rendering them very green and environmentally friendly. As a business, you want to know that you’re not damaging the local environment, or contributing to CO2 emissions and an electric forklift can help you to that end.

Another great benefit to the lack of emissions is the fact that electric forklift trucks can work in tight, indoors spaces, without health risks to people nearby. This makes them ideal for smaller local indoors businesses. They’re also very, very quiet when compared to the competition, which makes them much more pleasant to work around, as well as great for businesses where noise pollution is a concern.

There are a few negatives to using electric forklifts however. As newer technology, they’re more expensive than other, older styles of forklift, which is to be expected for more versatile, up to date technology. The other aspect to consider about electric forklifts is that they simply aren’t as powerful, nor as fast as diesel or petrol forklifts. This means you might struggle to find the right electrical forklift for your biggest jobs, and they won’t be able to speed around at quite the same pace.

However, with such a versatile myriad of benefits to electric forklifts, it’s rare a business that owning an electric forklift won’t benefit, whether you’re indoors, in a colder climate, or simply concerned about the environment and being green. It’s a really great long term investment for any business with lifting needs.