How To Choose The Right Forklift Hire Company

Posted on April 17, 2017

Hiring is often a decent solution for many companies that need a forklift truck or two, but do not have the necessity or finance to buy them outright, as quite often, they might only need them for short term periods or just cannot afford to buy one.

A bit like personal hire cars, businesses now find hiring to be a really cost effective option for all types of machinery, including forklifts, so if your company needs one, the hiring route might be the way to go, especially short to medium term.

If you are currently looking to hire a forklift truck, then we offer our top tips when it comes to choosing the right forklift hire company and how to get the right result.

Research What You Require

As you probably know, there are many makes and models when it comes to forklift trucks, and also many types in terms of how they run, whether that’s electric or diesel and whether it is meant for indoor or outdoor use. Also, not all forklift trucks are equal in terms of what they can do, as some can carry bigger weights and others can reach much higher. By this, we mean that you need to understand what the forklift is needed for, the types of jobs it will be required to do and where you plan to use it, as these factors will help to determine exactly the type of forklift you need to hire.

Set A Realistic Budget

Like anything in business, if you want a decent product you will have to pay for it, so do not expect to hire a forklift truck and pay next to nothing, as there will be a hire cost involved and this will be dependent on what you are hiring, how many, and of course the company you are dealing with. By setting a budget that is realistic is therefore not wasting your time or the time of the hire companies you will be approaching, so it is well worth working out what you can afford to spend on the forklifts you plan to hire.

Get Comparable Quotes

It is important that when getting quotes, they are comparable, as you need to be getting quotes on similar models that you want to hire, otherwise, you could be getting 4 prices for 4 different things, which is why knowing what you want makes this so much easier. Once you have the quotes, you can then go for the one you want, or, you can try to use them as a bit of a bargaining tool, but this will be down to whether your preferred company is really happy to manoeuvre on price or not.

Visit The Dealership

If you want to go and visit the dealership, then do so, as this can give you a good feel of the company and of course it will allow you to look around and see the forklift trucks in action, and some hire companies may even let you have a little test run as well. Visiting the dealerships or depots of the hire companies can also give you a good idea about the company and whether they are going to be the right partners to work with, after all, you will be wanting flexibility and a good relationship, and of course, the best possible price.

Cost Is Not Always The Deal Breaker

Our final point is that always going for the cheapest is not always necessarily the best move, as you might not be getting what you want and require, and there might also be hidden catches as well, so just taking two prices and assuming they are for the same thing is often unwise. Always make sure that you take into account a range of aspects when assessing which company to hire from, including the type of forklift hire you need, the extras they might be able to add and also the insurance and covering cost policies that should be in place when hiring such equipment.