Forklift Servicing – Why It Is So Important

Posted on April 7, 2017

Many different industries and businesses use forklift trucks, from construction, to warehouses, to self-storage. All manner of businesses require regular, reliable, and safe functioning forklifts in order to keep running, and to get the job done as a business.

With many forklift based accidents happening over the years, a percentage of which are fatal, forklift servicing needs to be taken seriously when it comes to making absolutely sure that your work environment and the machinery being used is completely safe. You need to keep your staff and workers safe and sound, morally and legally. Regular forklift checks and servicing are legally required, and you can face fines and prosecution if you fail to meet the legislation placed upon workplace safety.

On top of the obvious concerns, you’ve got to remember that having forklifts failing and dying on you is going to cost you money. It’s going to slow down your business for a day or so, and as a result be a major hassle and waste of money. Without regular servicing and checks, you’ve no way of knowing the health of your forklift trucks, and as such, you won’t know whether there’s a problem till it’s potentially written off the forklift truck.

Forklift Accidents

Every year there are over two thousand forklift accidents, with roughly five percent of those proving fatal. With the lifting and speed power inherent to some of the bigger forklift trucks out there, it’s really not surprising that they can prove very dangerous. Even smaller, less powerful electric forklift trucks can be dangerous, if certain mechanical and situational problems arise. Stories of amputations and grisly injuries are all too common around forklift trucks, and all too preventable.

With regular servicing, you can expect to avoid many such injuries. With so many accidents happening yearly, a large percentage of them are down to faulty or damaged forklifts, as well as human errors and operating issues. It’s not just your obligation morally to keep your workers safe either. UK law stipulates a certain level of health and safety standards to be met, which includes regular machinery checks and servicing.

Keep Your Business Running Smooth

Knowing that you can count on your forklift trucks is not a luxury, it’s very much a necessity. As a business like a warehouse, you need to know that you can operate at full capacity and efficiency, any day of the week. Faulty forklifts, and forklifts breaking can cause real issues, and delays, which is always going to end up costing you money, alongside causing you stress and hassle.

Regular forklift truck servicing allows you to know that you can count on your forklift trucks for the foreseeable, which allows you to focus on the running of your business and not worrying about when something’s going to go wrong. In industries like construction, you can basically count on there always being complications, with regular servicing, you can rule out one of those complications being your forklift trucks.

Keep Your Machinery Healthy

Forklift trucks, like cars, lorries and basically anything with an engine, require some level of servicing and regular maintenance. Without it, you can expect them to quickly fall into disrepair, with mystery mechanical problems surfacing all the time. When it comes to engines, regular checks can deal with small problems before they develop into big expensive ones, which means regular servicing can save you a lot of money in the long run, through the major hassles and expenses you’ll be dodging.

By keeping your forklift trucks regularly serviced and maintained, you can expect them to run for much, much longer. You hear stories of older people having kept cars running and maintained for many years at a time, this is perfectly achievable with regularly serviced and professionally maintained quality commercial vehicles, it’s just a case of getting the right people to do the work.

You have to weigh up the costs really, on one hand you’ve got accidents, legal issues, stress and broken machinery, and on the other you’ve got the occasional cost of forklift servicing, it’s a no-brainer.