Forklift Sales & Rental. New & Used

  Make & Model Type Capacity Mast Weekly Price  
HELI HFB15 HELI HFB15 *new Electric 1500 kgs 3.0m £49.77 £11,200
Heli CBD20-150 HELI CBD20-150 *new Electic PPT 2000 kgs N/A £17.55 £3,950
Mitsubishi FB16KT 003 MITSUBISHI FB15KRT Electric 1500 kgs 4.3m £31.22 £6,950
Bendi B40 BENDI B40 Electric 2000 kgs 4.7m £56.15 £12,500
BT 6 BT RRB Electric Reach 1600 kgs 7.0m £39.98 £8,900
Puma SFB15 PUMA SFB15 Electric 1500 kgs 3.0m £20.21 £4,500
HELI FD30G HELI FD30G *new Diesel 3000 kgs 4.0m £61.11 £15,000
Linde H30D LINDE H30D Diesel 3000 kgs 4.0m £33.69 £7,500
Heli HFD25 HELI HFD25 Diesel 2500 kgs 3.3m £29.20 £6,500
JCB TLT30D JCB TLT30D Diesel 3000 kgs 4.0m £51.66 £11,500
Heli HFD15 HELI HFD15 Diesel 1500 kgs 3.3m £26.73 £5,950
PUMA FD20 PUMA FD20 Diesel 2000 kgs 3.0m £21.34 £4,750
Heli HFG30C HELI HFG30C *new LPG Compact 3000 kgs 6.0m £72.66 £16,350
Heli HFG25 HELI HFG25 LPG 2500 kgs 4.5m £30.32 £6,750
Heli HFG30 HELI HFG30 LPG 3000 kgs 4.5m £33.69 £7,500
Heli HFG50 HELI HFG50 LPG 5000 kgs 5.0m £53.68 £11,950
Heli HFG15 HELI HFG15 LPG 1500 kgs 3.0m £24.71 £5,500
Puma FG25 PUMA FG25 LPG 2500 kgs 3.5m £17.97 £4,000

** All prices exclude VAT

New Forklifts

We have an extensive range of new forklifts that are suitable for all budgets. Let us know your requirements and we can help you find the right piece of equipment.

Grant Handling are the only UK distributor of Heli Forklifts which provide excellent operating performance as well as simple and safe operation to help you complete tasks with ease.

Within the Heli Forklift Truck range we have:

  • Three and four wheel electric trucks with 1,000kg-3,500kg capacity
  • LPG/Diesel powered trucks with 1,500kg-10,000kg capacity
  • Wide range of mast size
  • Accessories
  • Attachments

Each Heli Forklift truck is supplied with a long term warranty.

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Used Forklifts

We have over 300 second hand trucks here at Grant Handling. Tell us your budget and requirements and we guarantee to find you the best truck at a great price.

Our Used Truck Division allows us to provide high quality used equipment to your exact requirements. You may be looking for a truck to use in a factory, warehouse or port, our team have years of experience at helping our customers find a quality truck that won’t blow the budget.

We offer weekly payments to help with cash flow.

Current Services & Availability:

  • Diesel, Gas and Electric Counterbalance trucks
  • Warehouse equipment including; Reach, Powered pallet trucks and stackers
  • Combilifts, Bendi Articulated trucks and more
  • Trade and As is trucks available
  • Refurb centres at every Grant Handling site
  • Truck spraying service
  • Lease purchase and rental options available
  • Loler certification with every truck
  • All refurbishments carried out to IS09002 requirements
  • Demonstrations
  • Full site surveys

Speak to one of our team today to find out more. View Depot Locations


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